$2,000.00 USD

ONE OF A KIND!  Only one of these was produced with an ostrich band.  

Nineteen-ninteen was the year when Axel O. Mathiesen took over the distinguished Copenhagen based watch company Alvild Dahl, Christensen & Matthaeis Successors.  That was the period when people started wearing watches on their wrists, and also when the fluid lines of Art Nouveau were transforming into the sleeker Art Deco style.  It was an unstable period in general with great changes in politics, culture and lifestyle.  The 1919 is a watch that can be worn on a daily basis and on every special occasion.  The 40mm diameter provides enough substance and volume to give off a casual air without being conspicuous.  

Through three generations Ole Mathiesen have preserved an exceptional degree of continuity and maintained a great admiration for traditional watch craftsmanship, new technology and aesthetic design. The first Ole Mathiesen watches was designed in 1962 but our history dates back to 1845.